Sunday, 19 October 2014

Defence again the dark neo-liberalism

Letter to the Whitstable Gazette for publication:

Dear Editor,

Chris Stone was right to point out the neo-liberalism that is pervasive in politics but wrong to suggest that it exists in every major party. Capitalism, the rule of corporations and the concept of trickle down wealth, have long been rejected by the Green Party.

While many see the Greens as the party of the environment, we firmly believe that you cannot have environmental justice without social justice.

We have rejected the notion that politics should be funded by corporations with vested interests, continually campaigned against the 'austerity measures' which are a thinly veiled attack on the poor and vulnerable members of society, and we have championed the concept of the living wage and truly progressive taxation.

With rising inequality driving many of the social and environmental ills, we are committed to a more level society and one where power rests with people.


Stuart Jeffery
Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Canterbury and Whitstable

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