Sunday, 26 October 2014

5.2 million workers earn less than is needed to live on

Despite the rhetoric from the Lib Dems that families are better off because of them (I've heard this too many times for it to be true), it seems that the number of people earning below a living wage has hit an all time high. 5.2 MILLION WORKERS are paid less that is needed to live on (sorry for shouting).

The Living Wage foundation have calculated that people need to earn £7.65 an hour to be able to afford the basics (£8.80 in London). It is simply immoral that people should be paid less than is required to live on.

We are campaigning for a £10 minimum wage for all workers. This will require some of the much higher paid workers such as those executives who earn 100's of times more than the lowest workers in the organisation.

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