Monday, 15 September 2014

Whitstable Crown Post Office

Letter to the Whitstable Gazette:

Dear Editor,

It is a sad state of affairs when the only way people can hold allegedly public services to account is via media pressure. While I am in full support of the public meeting to save the Crown Post Office - I will be there - the reason that we are forced to protest this way is primarily due to the continuous agenda of privatisation of public services undertaken by the successive governments of the three 'big' parties.

I firmly believe that public services should be run by local or national government and that we should be able to hold them to accountable via our elected representatives. Being able to influence the decisions of public services via democratic means has to be right. Limited companies offering franchises might be a reasonable model for McDonalds but it is no way to run an essential public service.

The Crown Post Office must not be allowed to close. Opening a small counter service in supermarket simply won't provide the service or the jobs that Whitstable needs. We need to fight this.


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