Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Whitstable Crown Post Office - community meeting

It was great to see such community support at last night's meeting against the threat to close Whitstable's Crown Post Office. Peter Meach (CWU), Brian Hitchin (Whitstable Chamber of Commerce) and Chris Stone (local activist, CWU and Royal Mail) all spoke brilliantly about the impact of the closure. Sadly, Post Office Ltd declined the invitation.

With an announcement imminent, the need has never been greater to build a strong local campaign to put real pressure on the Post Office not to close its Crown Office.

Franchising the Post Office will drive down the range and quality of service and is is likely to result in fewer jobs and pay cuts for workers. Closing the Crown Office in Whitstable will allow the site to be redeveloped bringing potential competition for the franchisee.

We must also remember that franchises can go bust, meaning that Whitstable could lose its Post Office completely.

We also have to persuade the potential franchisee not to take in the post office. They may get a short term gain, but the longer term threat of more competition once the site is turned into a new shop is much greater.

The Post Office should remain at the heart of the community, not tucked away at the back of a shop.

I will be working with local campaigners to do all I can to stop the closure.

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