Monday, 1 September 2014

St Dunstans railings

Dear Kentish Gazette Editor,

Calls to replace the railings at the junction of St Dunstans and North Lane (Gazette: 28 Aug) are misplaced. Simple segregation of traffic and pedestrians does little for safety and simply increases the speed at which drivers think they can travel safely.

St Dunstans is a busy area for pedestrians with its shops and cafes and it is time to give pedestrians right of way there. I want to see see a 'shared space' such as the successful scheme in Ashford where there are no artificial boundaries between the traffic and pedestrians. In a shared space, traffic is simply required to give way to people and as a result drivers go more slowly and take more care. Pedestrians also take more care in a shared space with accidents falling by 75% in Ashford's shared space.

It is time to rebalance the transport priorities in Canterbury making sure that pedestrians have priority over cars where possible, especially in places such as St Dunstans.


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