Saturday, 13 September 2014

Don't deport Kent man Fred Buenavista

This petition has over 2,500 signatures on but needs more - please circulate widely.

Fred has been living in the UK since he came over here from New Zealand with his family (who are British Citizens) since he was 17/18 years of age.  Freds  visa ran out and the Home Office have refused his appeal to stay, even rejecting his Human Rights.   All Freds immediate family are in the UK, all his friends are in the UK, he has very little links with the Philippines and speaks very little filipino.  He was taken into detention, with no warning and only the clothes he had on to be told he is being deported on 15th September 2014.

FRED HAS NO RECOLLECTIONS OF LIVING IN THE PHILIPPINES! before coming the the UK he lived in NZ prior to the Uk for four years, malaysia for 1 year, brussles for 6  months and Hong Kong for 3 years!!!!!!!!

As you can imagine, Fred is with strangers, isolated and alone, his family desolute and heartbroken and his friends devastated.  Fred isn't a threat to society, he has paid his way and is a credit to our Country of which he has contributed. Please let him stay, let him have his say.

His rights have been violated under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998.  His leave to appeal was dismissed.  This should never have happened. It has left his family and friends heartbroken, confused and devastated.

We need answers, we need this appeal revoked.  Freds wellbeing, health and safety have been jeopardised.  Action needs to be taken now. Fred is running out of time.

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