Thursday, 18 September 2014

Climate Change Cycle March from Canterbury to Whitstable

This weekend with others, I will be cycling from Canterbury to Whitstable as part of the international climate change demonstrations before the New York talks.

The demo comes a few days after Nasa recorded that August 2014 was the hottest August on record. I have lost count of how many times that has happened with record after record being broken. Climate change requires decisive political action now, not at a convenient point in the future.

So if you are in Kent and can't get to the London march and have a bike, then please join us as we ride from Westgate Towers at 2pm on Sunday 21st September to Whitstable where we will meet on "The Street" the part of the beach that stretches out into the sea, at 3.30pm. Show those people in New York that this is urgent.

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