Friday, 22 August 2014

Farage's British Passport Holder statement is racist

By referring to the British Muslims who are committing atrocities abroad as 'British passport holders' rather than British citizens is a subtle form of racism and Nigel Farage should apologise. Just because British citizens perform atrocious acts abroad doesn't mean we can claim they are not British which is exactly what he was trying to do and as these people are likely to be British Muslims, his statement is one of racism.

Anyone performing the type of atrocity that has happened this week should be dealt with by the law. Making the person stateless will not only hinder an application of law, it will also increase the likelihood of recurrence.

Perhaps if Farage referred to all British people who are involved abroad in atrocities, violence, incitement to violence and the such like, as British passport holders and suggested they should be made stateless, then he couldn't be accused of racism - just stupidity.

Perhaps Farage will suggest that someone like Mark Thatcher loses his citizenship too?

Farage should have condemned the actions of those people committing the atrocities and called for them to be held to account for their crimes in a court of law rather than trying to pretend that they are not British.

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