Saturday, 21 June 2014

Make the UK your first choice for a holiday

While Maidstone's MP and Minister for Tourism, Helen Grant, is getting grief for suggesting people might like to stay at home rather than fly abroad while she is in Brazil, I will make my message more clear: I'm sorry if your holiday abroad has been jeopardised by this incompetent government but next time please make the UK your first, second and third choice for a holiday. 

Three good reasons:

  1. This country is great, there are thousands of superb places to visit and relax. More than most people can ever need. 
  2. Staying in the UK helps our economy. It helps keep people in work, especially in coastal towns that depend on summer trade.
  3. Flying is extremely damaging to the climate. May 2014 was the hottest May on record, globally. Climate change is taking grip and we must all do what we can to reduce our carbon footprints - not flying abroad on holiday is a simple step.
Routinely flying abroad to relax at every opportunity has become a lifestyle choice for many and almost an addiction for some. Sadly, it is quite a damaging lifestyle choice and one that people need to really consider if we are to tackle climate change while supporting our economy.

Finally, let me reiterate the first point. This country is beautiful, enjoy it.

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