Sunday, 15 June 2014

Food banks use doubles in a year

While the Guardian reports that food bank use has risen by 54%, figures from the Trussell Trust show that usage has doubled in Kent - up 101% in a year.

Over 14,000 people received food from a food bank in Kent last year. The Trussell Trust suggest that the biggest cause is a delay in benefits. Add to this the level of child poverty in Kent - around 20% - and you have a growing picture of inequality and a serious societal problem.

While Oxfam are under fire for speaking truth to power last week, the coalition (and Labour before them) really are to blame. They have done plenty to widen the gap between rich and poor while feathering their own nests - just look at Iain Duncan-Smith and his £39 expenses claim for breakfast while cutting benefits and support.

We need to continue the fight against poverty. We need to ensure that our vulnerable people are supported and we must close the gap between rich and poor.

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