Monday, 16 June 2014

A growing threat

It is all very quiet in the Met, there can be no crime in London and obviously no one in any sort of trouble. They must be very bored and looking for thing to do to justify keeping themselves in a job. Why else would they start monitoring the emails and actions of Green politicians?

Thanet's Green Councillor, Ian Driver and Green Peer, Jenny Jones are on the extremist database that the Met hold. The Met have actively been collecting data on their legal political work, rather than keeping our streets safe. I suspect many of us are on that database.

The Greens are a growing threat but not to society or peace - quite the opposite. We are a growing threat to the neo-liberal political consensus of the Tories, Libs, Labour and UKIP. We are a growing threat to parties who put people and planet at the bottom of their priorities and subservience to big business at the top. And we are a growing threat to the establishment, the establishment that champions growing inequalities and destruction of our environment.

We are a growing threat and a radical party. The establishment seems worried.

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