Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Running scared!

Judging by yesterday's attack leaflets, I think that the swing to the Green Party in Fant Ward has finally dawned on Labour and the Lib Dem. No longer pushing their own priorities and strengths the Lib Dems are attacking us instead with a four page full colour glossy letter personally addressed to voters  explaining how awful the Green Party is and why we are not green (see here and here). Labour have a shorter letter, but the message from them is similar.

What the letters say to me is that the Greens are winning in Fant and our opponents have realised that they are losing. Using half truths, and in some instances blatant lies, simply destroys their credibility.

I think it is important to focus on the positives, on the issues that matter to local people and on what we have achieved and want to achieve over the next four years.

I will continue to campaign for:

The right type of housing in the right place

  • protecting our green spaces and farm land from development, especially Fant Farm
  • ensuring existing homes are properly insulated, saving money and energy
  • campaigning for more affordable and social housing close to jobs and transport links

Safer, healthier streets

  • calling for 20mph limit on all residential streets which would cut accidents by 60%
  • campaigning for better air quality not more traffic
  • pressing for a cycle lane into the town centre 
  • insisting on high quality pavements with good wheelchair access at junctions
  • asking for a review of residents’ parking

An environment fit to live in

  • calling for real action to improve air quality
  • pushing for more street cleaning and better enforcement against litter louts and inconsiderate dog walkers
  • insisting that action be taken to reduce the chance of flooding
  • more recycling bins, provided for free

Real jobs to be proud of 

  • giving Maidstone an economic identity that we can be proud of: a centre for creative arts with more live music and digital media
  • pushing for new jobs in public transport, plumbing, heating, insulating our homes
  • campaigning against job losses on the council

Make democracy work for you

  • ensuring that councillors votes are recorded for important decisions so that you can hold them to account
  • being a strong independent voice, not constrained by party whips
  • listening to people and making sure that your concerns are heard

1 comment:

Stephen Paine said...

I don't remember seeing Sam Roach defending Fant Farm in 2008! Or as recently as April 2014.... Still, I'm sure the Lib Dems wouldn't lie on a leaflet!

They're clearly running scared that they're about to lose their last Fant seat!