Sunday, 25 May 2014

Oil shale in the weald

The government sneaked out the British Geological Survey of "The Jurassic shales of the Weald Basin" on Friday. It states that there is an estimated 4.4 billion barrels of oil in oil shale under the Weald but no commercially extractable shale gas.

CO2 levels have topped 400 ppm and the rate of increase is twice that of the 1960's. When I was learning about the gases in the atmosphere at school 35 years ago, it was accepted that the level of CO2 was 0.03% and now it is 18% higher than in 1980.

Extracting the new found oil under the Weald may seem attractive for some but to continue with this business as usual approach to energy simply means that we will screw the climate. Just a few days ago, NASA's latest world temperature report put April 2014 as the second hottest April in recent history.

So I have to ask, why the hell is the world failing to realise that we are on a collision course with climate change and why is nothing being done? The government is searching for oil, the public are voting for environment haters / climate change deniers, and main stream parties are ignoring the huge smack in the teeth that the climate is starting to give us.

At Christmas, large parts of Maidstone were flooded - a climate change driven event, yet the climate deniers still got over 20% of the vote in the wards affected, including 24% in Yalding. The media are largely to blame for this - it is time that they became part of the solution. Please sign this 38 degrees petition calling for... BBC NEWS: STOP THIS MEDIA BLACKOUT OF THE GREEN PARTY

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