Friday, 30 May 2014

Maidstone Lib Dems: dense campaigning on homes

So this was in the press before the elections but I wanted to comment on it anyway. Maidstone Greens are adamant that affordable homes are needed near the town centre rather than expensive houses sprawling in our countryside.

If you listened to some other parties they might sound similar, but scratch beneath the surface and you find them opposed to everything. I was particularly surprised to see that the Lib Dems were arguing against high density housing in the town centre and instead calling for a 'low density scheme'. How anyone could think that the town centre is the right place for low density housing is beyond me!

I know they only campaign on populist ideas and are quite happy to blatantly lie to try win elections (fortunately they came last in Fant for the second time running), but to campaign against the homes that young families and single people desperately need is frankly appalling.

Fortunately they are no longer relevant as a party, they are dying on their feet with their near wipe out at the Euros and the bitter in-fighting. They seem to be clinging to a few Maidstone seats by their fingernails but that won't last long.

So Lib Dems, lots of you are hacked off with the actions of your party. Why not consider joining the only party that puts people and the environment at the heart of positive politics rather than campaigning for a party with no core ideals. Come and join the Greens.

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