Thursday, 24 April 2014

UKIP sickening vote on the ivory trade

The disgusting antics of the far right UKIP seem to have hit an all time high. The EU had a vote to crack down on the illegal ivory trade: 647 voted in favour and 14 against. 6 of the 14 were UKIP MEPs, including Farage. 

Their block vote supporting the sickening and appalling trade in ivory seems to have been missed by the mainstream media until yesterday when the Independent and Huffington Post ran the story. Sadly it completely failed to appear on the TV news last night but it begs the question why.

So think hard if you are considering voting UKIP. You will need to hate Nature as much as them and in particular have absolutely no interest in wildlife, future energy supplies or keeping the NHS.

Once these despicable action by the far right party become widely known I hope that they are held to account.

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