Sunday, 13 April 2014

I agree with Jeremy: Pointless

The Liberal Democrats are 'Pointless', says their own MP Jeremy Browne in the Times and reported in the Huffington Post.

I've long wondered what the driving ideology behind the Lib Dems was. There are clues in the names of most parties, even if they don't live up to them. The Conservatives (at least the more traditional ones) purport to be a party to preserve the status quo, Labour name suggest they are interested in workers, Greens clearly have the environment as a key concern (plus lots more issues of course), UKIP are fairly obvious in their rampant nationalism and so on.

But being liberal suggests a notion of freedom to do what you want and democrat suggests majority rule - as one Lib Dem once said to me 'it's a bit like mob rule'. Doesn't sound like much of a unique selling point to me and certainly not very liberal.

Then there is the centrist thing. While Tories and Labour fight for the centre ground traditionally inhabited by the Lib Dems, there is less for yellow team to work with. However, economically they are fairly right wing as any one who has read the Orange Book will tell you.

They are clearly past their best. A lack of USP and lack of core ideology make them pointless. There are some good people in the party and they need to consider whether their party is really right for them any longer.

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