Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Oil in the Weald

The British Geological Survey are about to publish a report stating that there is significant oil under the Kent Weald.

While the Tories are welcoming the announcement, it is very clear that this will be disastrous for the county, the damage to the local ecology will be significant and, of course, drilling up more oil is exactly what is driving the current climate chaos which has brought misery to local people.

Drill, baby, drill is completely the wrong response to our energy needs. Burning more unrenewable oil will put off the coming energy crisis for a few years but it will also ensure that we will not have the resources to transition our energy to sustainable and renewable sources.

Unless energy is from a renewable source, it will run out. I know it sounds obvious but unless we kick the short term fixes, we will be in real trouble in the near future.

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