Monday, 24 March 2014

Offsetting or evicting the nightingales

Land Securities has resubmitted their plans to put 5000 houses on Lodge Hill in Medway, the site with the highest concentration of nightingales in the country. This time they are proposing that the birds move to a new place 14 miles away in Essex.

What the Kent Messenger article fails to explain is whether the birds have agreed to this or even been communicated with. Maybe the council has put a few laminates signs on lamp posts for the nightingales to read? Possibly the council or Land Securities are planning to send eviction notices to the nests? Perhaps the bailiffs will turn up?

Of course it is madness. You can't destroy an important habitat and expect the bird population to move where you want them to. Everyone knows this except for the twisted minds of the developers and the council who are blinded by greed.

I will be working with Medway Greens and anyone else who wants to stop this.

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