Saturday, 8 March 2014

Fasting for Lent

Hungry? Half a million people in the 6th richest country in the world (the UK) certainly are. My friend Keith Taylor (Green MEP for the South East) has been investigating the increase in the use of food banks and you can read about his work here.

On 4th April, there is a national day of fasting being organised by 'END HUNGER FAST'. The idea is simple, fast on the day and if possible get sponsored to raise money for your local food bank.. Plus sign up to the pledge which will:

By pledging to join the fast, you will help our call on the government to ensure:

  • That the welfare system provides a robust last line of defence against hunger in Britain
  • That work pays enough for working people to properly provide for their families
  • That food markets function, promoting long term sustainable and healthy diets with no one profiteering off hunger in Britain
The campaign seems to be a faith run campaign and fasting is a key aspect of many religions so the concept of the campaign fits in well. While I am not a Christian, the church does seem to be doing a lot of good things in this time of crisis that many are experiencing - so well done! For my part, I will be fasting for 24 hours on the day of action.

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