Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Don't Just Walk Past

Received this from Porchlight. While the games are simple, the impact is not. Please download! Homelessness is a devastating and growing problem, especially in Maidstone.

Guide Jon or Sarah through a week on the streets in our brand new iPhone game. You will face a tough set of challenges in a series of mini-games and your success will have direct impact on your character's physical and mental health.

The exciting new game, developed for free by Tonbridge-based company Caboodle Corporate, gives you the chance to learn more about the practical issues, situations and emotions faced by rough sleepers.

Download it for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad today from the App store.

We hope you enjoy the game. Please share it with friends, family and colleagues and write a review on the App store.

Remember, if you see or know someone who needs our help, tell us by calling 0800 567 76 99 or completing a form on our website

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