Sunday, 16 February 2014

Save Fant Farm

The hottest political potato in Fant Ward is the identification of 355 houses to be built on Fant Farm, 70% of which would be executive homes unavailable to the majority of new families and those in desparate need of a home.

The Lib Dems are busy claiming that they can save the farm while slating the Greens and Tories. What they don't tell people is that their councillors were in favour of building on Fant Farm and that their councillors voted to lift the council's ban on building on greenfield sites.

I am happy to work with anyone to stop the building on Fant Farm but they really must be honest about their actions. Statements such as: "The Liberal Democrats have been warning for a decade about the danger to Fant Farm and have led the fight to protect it from hungry property developers and Conservatives who care nothing for the local landscape." suggest that they are against the development when the truth is quite different.

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