Saturday, 22 February 2014

Labour vote against funding 20mph limits

Some much is claimed in ward newsletters that it is hard to distinguish rhetoric from reality. Kent County Council's budget meeting had a series of amendments proposed, the voting of these being recorded.

One such vote was for the funding of 20mph limits across the county (proposed by a UKIP councillor of all people!). Labour's leaflets in Maidstone often claim that they support 20mph but their actions tell a different story. At the budget meeting on 15th Feb 2014, all 13 Labour County Councillors voted against funding 20mph limits.

Plenty of false statements were made about the use of the limits - Cllr Kite and Cllr Brazier were particularly bad. It is so sad to see opinion put forward as fact.

Watch the broadcast here... from 16:00

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