Sunday, 2 February 2014

Further 13% drop in council tax benefit

Our Tory run council are cutting council tax benefit to the tune of 13% for 2014/15 on top of the 8.5% they cut it by in 2013/14 in response to their masters in Whitehall, the Lib Dem / Tory coalition.

Let's say your are a single parent with a couple of kids. You live in a two bed flat and are supported through benefits as there are no jobs that pay enough to feed you and your kids. Under our Conservative council, next year you will be worse off to the tune of £130, on top of the £90 they took away from you last year.

£220 drop in income is a tall ask from someone who is likely to be struggling.

Cutting benefits to those in need will be popular to Daily Mail readers but it will push the most vulnerable in society into a very bad place.

The local Lib Dems and Tories should be ashamed.

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