Saturday, 4 January 2014

Letter to Guardian: 200 tennants evicted for claiming benefits in Maidstone

Letter to Guardian in response to


Kent landlord, Fergus Wilson's action to evict 200 tenants for simply being in receipt of benefits may not be illegal but it is certainly immoral. His portfolio of properties covers Maidstone, which was noted in a recent council document on the impact of welfare reforms as seeing an eight fold rise in homelessness in the past three years.

A further 200 families will now be looking for a home because of the combined Conservative and Lib Dem assault on people in need and Mr Wilson's desire to put profit before people.

Stuart Jeffery
Chair of Kent Green Party and a Green Party European Election Candidate for the South East

This reminds me of the Seize The Day song, No DSS...

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The Decorating Diva said...

So, Green Party, are you saying you don't share these views? Good to know.