Friday, 13 December 2013

Lib Dem's insult to Maidstone's older people

According to the Daily Mail, Jasper Gerard has really insulted older residents in Maidstone. If this is true, it is truly appalling. This is the excerpt from 10th December:
    Liberal Democrat candidate Jasper Gerard, standing for Maidstone and the Weald in 2015, might want to keep a low profile in the constituency for a while. The former journalist has sent out a round-robin email to chums urging them to attend a fundraising dinner this week.

    It mistakenly included a private email exchange with another friend ridiculing potential voters, complaining: ‘My life is now spent knocking on the doors of very old people in Maidstone, not all of whom remember who they are, let alone who they vote for.’ Doubt they’ll be forgetting that in hurry!

Given their merciless onslaught on Helen Grant over the past year and the previous swipes at Jasper Gerard, I can only guess that they will be encouraging people to vote Green in Maidstone in 2015...

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