Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Northern Gas Gala!

The anti-fracking movement needs your support!

Event: The Northern Gas Gala!
Location: Land North of Tunnel Farm, Barton Moss Road, Manchester M30 7RQ
Time: From 7am onwards
Date: 24hrs after major activity begins at Barton Moss site

Please tell everyone you know and forward this e-mail.

Fracking company IGas are going to attempt to start drilling in Salford, Manchester at some-point in the coming weeks. Communities in Salford are opposed to the region being fracked, and are hoping that they will receive support in their efforts to stop it.

While people are welcome at any time, a mass convergence has been called for the morning after major activity begins at IGas' work-site (map here: Getting there early will be ideal, since IGas are likely to be trying to bring equipment onto the site, but there will be stuff happening throughout the day.

Please bring essentials such as food, water, and appropriate clothing, friends, banners, games, music, instruments, knitting, blankets, chairs, tables, gazebos, small tents, plastic cutlery/plates. You get the picture. Try to avoid bringing alcohol, drugs, anything which could be construed as a weapon, glass etc.

IGas' planned test well at Barton Moss would be just the beginning of a tidal wave of destruction, sweeping across the North West. The licence blocks held by IGas could see thousands of wells drilled and fracked between Manchester and Liverpool (4,000 Shale and 3,600 Coal Bed Methane wells, estimated from the amount of gas IGas claims), plus associated pipelines, compressor stations and processing plants.

See for more details of the event or this article: for information about what is happening in Barton Moss ...

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