Sunday, 3 November 2013

March against Mansions in Maidstone

500 houses on 30 hectares of farmland and woodland, 30% of which will be allegedly 'affordable' - the rest will be on a 1/4 of an acre each...

A march against this has been organised for Saturday 9th Nov at 12 noonMeet up St Andrews Rd, cul de sac opposite Barming Fish n Chip Shop

The walk will take place from this point, moving North down Hermitage Lane past Barming Station, and finishing at the Thomas Wyatt Pub Car Park with a rally and much earned refreshments!!

All are welcome to come, please circulate to as many people as possible.

500 houses on 30 hectares gives an average density of 16.7 dph which is very low, i.e. huge houses on 1/8th of an acre each (after removing the road space, the average plot would be 10m x 55m). However 30% are going to be affordable (smaller) and I am guessing that they might have a density of 30dph (still half that of an average Victorian terrace) and this would leave the rest around 10dph or about 1/4 acre each. 

More details here:

Also of note is this from the St Andrews Rd Group

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