Sunday, 10 November 2013

Letter to KM on Russell Brand

Dear Editor,

Your columnist, Robert Barman, seemed to completely miss the point of Russell Brand's call for political revolution, especially by suggesting the Prime Ministers Questions have more relevance than a public call to action. Mr Barman tried to rubbish the claim that the system is broken by attacking Brand rather than his message.

Ordinary people feel completely let down by the political system. The level of corporate lobbying, the control and bias of much of the media, the failure to understand real people or the environment and of course the failure of the three big Westminster parties to distinguish themselves from each other is driving the public frustration of politics.

We urgently need significant reform our political system. We need to bring decision making to the lowest, most local level possible. We have to put corporate interests below the needs of people and planet. We need to ensure that no vote is wasted and we must bring real transparency to the political system so that politicians can be properly held to account.

Stuart Jeffery
Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Maidstone and the Weald (and an ordinary person too).

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