Sunday, 24 November 2013

Free Colin Russell

Free Colin Save The Arctic

Sign up to tell Australia’s Prime Minister to keep up the pressure until Colin is freed, and all of the Arctic 30

Right now, Colin Russell, from Australia, is facing three more months in a Russian jail. 29 of the Arctic 30 have now been granted bail, following two long months in prison, but not Colin.
We must not leave Colin behind.
So far, six national governments and the UN have acted to free the Arctic 30. Every other nationality has been granted bail. Australia’s Prime Minister must call President Putin to ensure Colin joins them.
The decision about Colin’s appeal will be made early next week. Australia’s Prime Minister must use his influence to help a climate hero and a fellow Australian.
Colin Russell, 59, from Tasmania, Australia, is the marine radio operator for the Arctic Sunrise. Despite being the only one denied bail, Colin’s calm and determined Aussie spirit is an inspiration. He looked strong in court, and his words were beautiful. Click here to watch his message to the world.

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