Saturday, 30 November 2013

Broken heart of a failed democracy

I've posted before about Trenton Oldfield, the protestor facing deportation for non-violent direct action to highlight the elitism in British establishment and it appears that the result of his appeal is now imminent so my thoughts are with him and his family who may not be allowed to follow him.

Criminalising non-violent protest sits at the broken heart of this country's failed democracy. The self serving elitism of the power bases never ceases to amaze me. Whether it is Oxbridge graduates and Etonians in government, or their masters, the corrupt tax dodging corporations, the ordinary people of the country remain oppressed and increasing poor while Nature gets raped and degraded.

Trenton deserves to be hailed a hero for standing against elitism, he does not deserve to have his family destroyed.

There is a petition here.

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