Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Fracking: the normal and sensible thing to do?

So is it reasonable to hold £153 million in shares which you desperately want to increase in value while being the authority that decides on allowing expansion of that industry in the County? Tory run Kent County
Council thinks it is: 

This is from the BBC's website - KCC deputy leader John Simmonds said: "We invest a small part of our pension fund in oil companies because they offer the best possible returns, which in turn results in less of a burden on the taxpayer. KCC has a pension fund of around £3bn. We imagine that every council up and down the country invests part of its pension fund in oil. It is absolutely the normal and sensible thing to do."

A normal and sensible thing to do... Investing £153m in industries that are actively destroying our environment, sensible? Normal, so it seems but hardly sensible.

I wonder what it would take to change John Simmonds' and his fellow councillors' minds? Perhaps a drill or two near their houses? Listening to the drone of the drill running 24/7 is stomach turning. Perhaps having to deal with real water shortages as the aquifers get drained to provide water for Caudrilla? Maybe the increase in illnesses and the devastation of wildlife as the ground water gets polluted? Or maybe the dumping of radioactive waste in local rivers as seems to be happening in the US?

Most worrying is that people voted these idiots in... lets hope the electorate hold them to account very soon.

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