Sunday, 22 September 2013

Lib Dem environmentalism is in tatters

The Liberal Democrat's environmental policies are in tatters after last weekend's decision to back nuclear power and fracking. No amount of 5p charges for carrier bags can make up for the damage to their long held environmental principles. Worse still is that here in Kent we are under increasing threat from fracking, especially around Dover and these sites are set to expand across the Weald.

The Green Party is Kent is growing rapidly and gaining councillors and while we don't have as many as the Liberal Democrats yet, polls show that we will leapfrog them in next year's European Elections. We are sending a clear message to the Liberal Democrats that their party has given up on the environment but if as individuals they have not and if they also hold social justice close to their heart then the Green Party may be the place for them.

The Green Party is the only party that takes the environment seriously.

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2. Kent News Online Poll at 21/9/13 Greens = 11%; Lib Dems = 9%.

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