Sunday, 15 September 2013


Two days of Green Party conference so far and it has to be one of the best I've been to. We voted unanimously against fracking, heard from Peter Pinkney, National President of the RMT, that they are supporting Caroline's re-election, and had superb speeches from Caroline, Natalie, Will and Jason.

Jason explained how the Brighton administration had met 75% of its manifesto targets during their first two years (and added that sticking by a manifesto is not something you see in other parties).

Natalie said: "We'll keep campaigning until the last food bank in Britain is closed because it's not needed anymore" and "we will bring Royal Mail back into public ownership"

Caroline told us of "The grotesque spectacle of Eton boys lecturing people on how to get on in life" and that "Labour's market reforms have paved the way for the Tories break-up of the NHS"

Will explained that "not only have the lunatics have taken over the asylum they are selling it off brick by brick", that "There is an alternative to LibDem cowardice and Labour laziness" and that "capitalism can't solve the climate crisis. Capitalism has failed environmentally, socially and economically"

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