Thursday, 26 September 2013

Charges against Caroline Lucas

Appalled to learn that Caroline Lucas is to be prosecuted for peaceful protest. Very sad too, that the police feel it was quite reasonable to use force against peaceful protestors who are campaign for the rights of future generations to inherit and environment that has not been decimated by climate change, pollution and has not been stripped bare. I hope that the police that were clearly filmed using excessive force are prosecuted but I'm certain they won't be as they seem to be above the law.

Of course, had Caroline taken money for lobbying by large corporation in direct contravention of the Bribery Act, then she would have received a pat on the back...

Meanwhile, fracking is highly likely to kick off in East Kent soon with companies keen to explore the shale so that they can pump huge amounts of toxic water into the earth for profit. Kent Greens will be at the front of the protests there too and I hope that the attitude of the police in Kent is better than their Sussex colleagues.

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