Saturday, 24 August 2013

Visit to Balcombe

I spent a good evening down at the protest camp in Balcombe last night with a couple of Maidstone Greens, Denise and Robin. We met some really motivated people who really care: "Who gave them the right to drill poisonous holes into Mother Earth?" one woman said to me. I couldn't have put it better.

I did an interview for a man who was putting himself forward as the Balcombe Broadcasting Corporation! Not sure it will hit the Today programme next week but it was good talking with him.

The drilling restarted yesterday - it has upset many on site given their success in stopping it a few days ago. The noise is strange and depressing. I would suggest quite torturous for those of us who have a real problem with poisonous holes being drilled in to ground.

I'll be back soon to help slow the lorries when they turn up. Caroline Lucas's actions this week are a shining example to us all and we need to support her and the anti-fracking campaigns across the country.

And those fracking sites are going to increase rapidly unless we take action now.

Some photos...

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