Sunday, 11 August 2013

Lies, damn lies and Fib Dem statistics

A few weeks ago local Lib Dems delivered their 'Focus' through my door. The second headline on the front page told us about how the Lib Dems in government had given every worker £700:

So while they collected less tax from everyone as part of their austerity measures that are decimating public services that people rely on and then try to dress that up as a 'good thing', they also fail to mention was that they have left workers 5.5% worse off since they came to government.

5.5% on a median wage of £28,000 is £1540 less income.

So not only have they not given every worker £700, they have taken twice as much from the average worker. Of course the richest earners now have to pay even less since the abolition of the 50% rate and students will leave university in serious debt. Hardly a good news story but I just wish I was as clever at making up unsubstantiated claims as them!

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