Sunday, 4 August 2013

Lib Dems: 'no reason to oppose' building on countryside

Looks like the KM don't want to publish letters from me - probably too much of a trouble maker :-) I wrote a right of reply letter to them last week about the Lib Dem backing to lift the moratorium on building on greenfield sites. This backing of the was during the debate on 24th April when the motion "that the revocation of the moratorium on the release of greenfield housing sites allocated in the Maidstone Borough-Wide Local Plan 2000 be approved." was proposed by Cllr Garland, seconded by Cllr Paine and the supported by the Lib Dems. Cllr Wilson, lead of the Lib Dems said: "There is no reason to oppose this."

You can see the debate on YouTube...

This is the letter that wasn't published:

Dear Editor,

Tony Harwood's claim that the unanimous decision by Lib Dems and Conservatives to lift of the Council's ban on building on greenfield sites was merely procedural is simply not true. The Lib Dems spoke in favour of the Conservatives motion to allow building on our countryside and should readers be in any doubt, I have placed a film of the debate on YouTube:

As readers will see, the Lib Dem claims that they want to protect the countryside and our environment are simply made to win votes. What they say and how they act in Council meetings, and of course in the coalition government, is quite different.

Stuart Jeffery Maidstone Green Party

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Stuart Jeffery said...

The Kent Messenger have since published the letter - thank you KM!