Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Fracking Kent: none in pipeline?

Cllr John Davis has claimed that there are no fracking applications 'in the pipeline' - an appalling piece of doublespeak given that the actual situation is that there are three applications for exploratory bore holes. So, not fracking yet just working out which sites to frack in the future.

UKIP seem to have come out strongly in favour of fracking. No real surprise for the anti-environment climate deniers.

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micione9 said...

have a care - the tactical approach from the Conservative/Business conglomerate is to divide (the nation) and conquer. We must fight this at, at least, national if not EU level on pure science i.e.
1) there should be no need if we commit to fossil-fuel free energy 2) fracking is an unacceptable technology, unwanted by real people i.e. those who do not hide behind the shroud of office or brand name