Monday, 26 August 2013

Badger Cull: it is the politicians who are really sick

According some websites, the badger cull is due to start about now - a cull supposedly to drive out bovine TB, but one that will make it worse. 

The cull is sickening me to my core. There is no scientific basis, and the only rationale that I can imagine is bloodlust (or lack of balls in the face of the whip) by the coalition MPs. The idea that this was to be the greenest government ever was always a sick joke. Now killing badgers seems to be starting, it seems that the Cameron / Clegg partnership is sinking into further anti-nature territory.

People wonder at my anger towards Lib Dems in particular, this is a party that sets itself out to be cuddly and nature loving, yet they vote to kill badgers. I expect the Tories to vote against anything that respects nature, and I expect Labour to do the same. The list of how MPs voted is here.

There is little more to say, other than I hope the direct action that my fellow animal lovers will be taking will be peaceful and non-violent.

Chris Packham sets out why the cull is wrong and the RSPCA vows to fight on.Vaccination is the answer, along with better standards of farming.

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