Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Kent Freedom Pass

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This is from 38 Degrees:

It’s crunch time. Over 15,000 of us have told Kent council to extend discounted bus travel to 16-18 year olds, and it’s forced them to hold a debate on our campaign this Thursday. [1] I’ll be there with students and other 38 Degrees members to hand in the biggest petition Kent council has ever seen.

Now it’s time to ramp up the pressure. Not everyone who signed will be able to make it to the debate. But if we all email David Brazier - the key cabinet member for transport in Kent - before the meeting, we can all be there in spirit. [2] We can make a dramatic impact on the future of our buses on Thursday.

Please can you email David Brazier now? It won’t take more than 3 minutes:

I’m so proud of how big we’ve made this issue. When I started this campaign I had no idea it would get this much support. [3] Thank you to everyone who has shared the petition on Facebook, with friends and classmates. We’ve made Kent council schedule a debate - now let’s get the key cabinet member for transport on board.

David Brazier won’t be used to getting thousands of emails from people in Kent about a single issue. If loads of 38 Degrees members write to him before Thursday in support of discounted bus travel, he’ll see how serious we are about this. Please click here to send an email now:

Thanks for everything you’ve done so far,

Lynne Miller, 38 Degrees member from Kent

PS It would be great if you could make it on Thursday! The more of us that are there, the more impact we'll make. I’ll be there with students and 38 Degrees members from all over Kent. Here’s the details:

On the day, David Brazier the Cabinet Member for Transport & Environment will meet us at 1.30pm to receive our huge petition. Then at 2pm the debate begins. There’s space in the chamber to watch the debate, and the council will also be showing a live link of the discussion in another room, in case it gets too packed.

When: Meet at 1.15pm on Thursday 18th July (until about 3pm)
Where: Outside Kent County Council, County Hall, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1XQ

Please RSVP to events@38degrees.org.uk to confirm if you’ve arranged to come.

[1] My campaign on Campaigns By You: Freedom Passes for Ages 16-19:
[2] David Brazier, Kent County Council:
[3] Kent Online, Thousands sign petition calling for Freedom Pass to be extended up to the age of 18:

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