Saturday, 20 July 2013

Political cowardice: the latest fracking decision

The latest idiotic thing out of the Lib Dem / Tory "greenest government ever" is the huge tax breaks for fracking announced yesterday. Disastrous for Kent, the environment and for climate change, in my mind fracking is removing any last chance of preventing run away climate change.

Why Kent? In Sandwich near Deal, Coastal Oil and Gas are exploring the shale to see it they can frack it up after an appalling decision by KCC. Green MEP, Keith Taylor, has been hosting a film on the perils of fracking this month and a couple of years ago I was arguing with Dover MP, Charlie Elphick on the Sunday Politics Show as to why his support was sheer stupidity.

Firstly, in Kent, we have very little water so injecting a million gallons of poisonous, carcinogenic water into the ground seems like a pretty stupid thing to do. Even the water companies are worried.

Secondly, causing earthquakes is never a good idea - they are bad enough when they happen of their own accord. Causing them next to the Channel Tunnel and a couple of nuclear power stations is little a bit scary.

Thirdly, climate change. We are dangerously close to triggering run away catastophic climate change which will kill billions, and devastate all corners of the planet. Drilling for oil or gas simply has to stop.

Finally, the investment needs to be in reducing our energy needs and meeting residual needs from clean renewable sources. Shale gas simply means that we put off tackling the real issue of sustainability for another day. This is political cowardice.

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