Monday, 17 June 2013

What Next?

Sad to see that Next has been given planning permission for an out of town store at Junction 7 last week. The site was being prepared last year and a new set of traffic lights appeared a month ago, presumably to let traffic in and out - both of which begs the question, why was the site being prepared before the planning permission was granted?

We opposed the planning permission for the economic impact on the town centre, for the increase in traffic and for the loss of wild life on the site. Sadly the wildlife didn't stand a chance and the site was bulldozed last year, despite the planners providing an ecological survey that must have looked pretty strange give the vast expanse of mud.

The Tory chairman apparently had to make a casting vote to pass the plan. Maidstone desperately needs councillors who understand economics, ecology and who care about the town.

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