Saturday, 8 June 2013

Housing in Maidstone - Tories building big houses

I probably need to get out more but I've been wading through the Cabinet decisions from Tory run Maidstone Borough Council in March and they have made some worrying decisions on the housing strategy (none of which have been mentioned in the recent Lib Dem press release strangely). So to the policy changes that the Tories are making:

"That a working target of 14,800 dwellings for the Maidstone Borough Local Plan period 2011 to 2031 be approved until such time as the work identifying the borough’s housing land supply" - I think we knew this but the dates have changed. There was a suggestion in the document that 10,000 have been built or allocated or agreed or may be found space to build them on since 2011 so that it was a extra 4000 only! Smoke and mirrors spring to mind.

"That Council be recommended that the moratorium on the release of greenfield housing sites allocated in the Maidstone Borough Wide Local Plan 2000 be revoked" - a very grave move indeed.

"That land at junction 8 of the M20 motorway be retained as a strategic development location" - that will be the KIG site...

"the amended targets for affordable housing in policy CS10, seeking 15% provision on previously developed land in the urban area, 30% on greenfield sites in the urban area and at the urban periphery, and 40% at rural settlements and the rural area; together with a policy threshold of ten units and such developments of 10 dwellings" - more executive homes that people in need can't afford and fewer homes for people who need them.

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Tiago said...

Green parties still doesn´t have the electoral power they should have but this situation is changing. I do not see the change just in America, but in the rest of developed countries. Even in Argentina, where I spent my last holidays in a Buenos Aires temporary rent the ecology issue was on the mouth of some important candidates, and there was a strong green party