Thursday, 23 May 2013

Woolwich murder

The murder yesterday in Woolwich was horrific and my thoughts are with the deceased's family.

Sadly the murder has sparked appalling racist comments on the internet and the knee jerk reactions from the media, police and government.

As I drove home last night listening to the breaking news I passed the entrance to the barracks in Maidstone and saw two police cars blocking the exit. It went through my mind that maybe the four policemen were there to provide protection to the thousand or so regiment at the barracks but I quickly dismissed that as ludicrous - but that was exactly what they were doing.

It seems too that a mosque in Gillingham was attacked last night. The people who committed the murder in Woolwich are murderers who betray their claimed links to Islam which is a good religion (for example see this or ISLAM for Peace).

Racist attacks and murders continue up and down the country but the country doesn't react like yesterday's. This morning Moazzam Begg, a former Guantanamo Bay detainee from Birmingham posted this on Facebook: Condolences to family of murdered man. 85-year old Muslim man was also murdered in my home town a few weeks ago walking to the mosque. Police believe it was racist attack. No uproar. 

So two black murderers commit a horrific murder in broad daylight and the country seems to descend into a panic. The murderers have been caught and will be punished - that should be the end of it but I fear the attention that race and religious elements of the murder is getting will get more attention that the horrific act itself and will drive society in the wrong direction.


Steve said...

Political Islam is as foul and as anti-semitic as Nazism. It needs to be rooted out and defeated as Nazism was and then normal muslims can get on with their lives in peace, as they do now.

Unknown said...

Stuart; A really good well thought out blog.
Steve; I have no idea what you think "Political Islam" is. Unfortunately many Muslims can't live their lives in peace due to the scaremongering we have seen repeatedly