Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Tory climate denier right at the top of government

Unacceptable comments by Tim Yeo are being reported in the Torygraph. Yeo is the minister who overseas the government's policy on climate change as the chairman of the Commons Energy and Climate Change committee has claimed that people may not be responsible for climate change.

A recent study showed that there is a 97% consensus among papers published by climate scientists that climate change is happening and human activity is causing it. The atmosphere's CO2 concentration hit 400ppm just a few weeks ago - a figure that has not been seen for 4 million years. We are in deep trouble and urgent action is needed - not a pathetic questioning of the science.

Yeo should go after such comments. Climate change is the biggest challenge facing mankind and other species. Cameron once claimed that this would be the greenest government ever so why did he put Yeo in charge of climate policy?

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