Monday, 6 May 2013

Media: cut the sensationalist crap about UKIP and talk about policies

I've just put the various election leaflets that I received in the recycling. Reading the UKIP one you could be forgiven for believing that immigration is to blame for all the ills in the world - the banking crisis, the economic slowdown, etc. - and that "Fortress Britain", a ban on wind energy, same sex marriage and a return to smoking in pubs are the answer.

Meanwhile in the real world, the one that repeatedly fails to appear in the mainstream press or on the TV, the planet is burning, the rich are getting richer, politicians are using expenses to keep themselves comfy, the bankers have their middle finger firmly raised at ordinary people and our energy and resources are running out.

These problems are all connected and are all solvable but the public need to know how. Sadly the majority of the media are focussed on their profits, sensationalism or viewing figures rather that performing a duty to inform. That is why UKIP seem to end up on every TV broadcast despite their policies which will drive a very lonely country straight into a wall.

So media types, if you want to put UKIP on my screen and on the pages of your papers, I suggest you focus at their people and their policies rather than the sensationalist crap that I have seen for the past year or two.

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