Sunday, 26 May 2013

Housing numbers in Maidstone

I'm rather amused by the toys being thrown out of prams in the Tory and Tory lite - sorry Lib Dem camps here in Maidstone. They are hurling their rattles about who said what over the past 13 years on the greenfield land in Hermitage Lane that both parties have identified for housing - a sorry sight for the people in Maidstone.

In the Lib Dem piece, Tony Harwood states "The Liberal Democrats are not proposing the building on ANY green space" which could be construed as them planning not to build on green spaces if they ran MBC. Of course that is exactly what they were planning when they ran the council, indeed they voted to increase the numbers of houses being built by 2026 by an additional 10% to 11,080 from the original plans.

The Tories are now going for a figure of 14,800 butt they are reducing the requirement for affordable home to just 15% (in town) from the previous target of 40%.

The need in Maidstone is for affordable housing (and social housing) so let's do some maths...

The Lib Dem target of 40% of 11,080 would give 4432 affordable homes and 6648 executive homes.

The Tory target is harder to fathom. The SHLAA identifies about 2,000 homes on 'Maidstone' sites which would give 300 affordable homes. The remaining 12,800 would be in the rural areas with 5120 affordable, i.e. a total 5420 affordable and 9380 executive homes.

Your local Greens want 50% affordable (personally I'd go for 75%) which on the previous target of 11,080 would give 5540 affordable homes.

QED: Voting Green gives more affordable homes and social housing while protecting green spaces.

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