Friday, 10 May 2013

400 reasons to put fire in the Green belly

Yesterday, for the first time in three million years, CO2 levels reached 400 parts per million. Just 30 years
ago when I was at school we were taught that CO2 was 0.03% of the atmosphere - now kids are taught a figure a third higher.

We all know the reason for the rise: burning fossil fuels - and we all know the consequences: catastrophic climate change.

Yet the media still talk in riddles. The BBC cast doubt yet again on the science this evening. The public seem to want to vote for a party that denies that climate change is man made and wants to stop renewable energy being available, a move that would scupper any chance of stopping runaway climate change while plunging the country into darkness in a few short years.

Let's use 400ppm as a wake up call. Let's get out there and take the political fight to every level of election, to every level of government and to every doorstep in the country. This is fight that we cannot afford to lose and one that our children and grandchildren cannot afford for us to lose.

It is time to put fire in our bellies to take the heat out of the air.

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