Monday, 8 April 2013

Youth Police Commissioner tweets

Seeing the Mail on Sunday headline that slated Paris Brown, Kent's new Youth Police Commissioner for her tweets, left me feeling that the Mail should first look at its own messages and then consider what 14 year old public and grammar school kids are tweeting before laying into to a working class girl.

Perhaps the Mail should consider the stones it is throwing at Pagans and Europeans in this morning's headline. Their comments are clearly designed to promote religious hatred and xenophobia. Perhaps someone should complain to Kent Police about that? The Mail's hatred towards everyone who is not white, British, Christian and middle class is sickening.

Of course Paris's tweets were wrong - very wrong. She claims they were done when she was 14 and were part of youthful boasting. Paris has unreservedly apologised and was clearly very remorseful - I doubt she will repeat the mistake. She has been appointed to give a youth voice to policing and she needs to get on with the job now.

And I think we should be grateful that Ann Barnes didn't give the job to a posh kid that wants to go into politics. The police need to know what it is like to be a teenager living in today's world of youth unemployment and segregation - especially in Kent - not an aspiring career politician taking a break before going to Oxford to read PPE.

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