Monday, 29 April 2013

County Council Election Address

My election address most of which appeared in the Kent on Sunday this week. Vote Green on Thursday!

Kent has really suffered in the hands of the Conservatives. Whether it is the air pollution generated by the ridiculous amount of traffic on our roads – air pollution that kills around 700 people in our county each year, or the road traffic accidents that killed or seriously injured over 500 people in 2011, the appalling cost and poor service people using public transport have to put up with, the cost of living, the lack of jobs or the continued assaults on our environment it is clear that the Conservatives have failed us all. Kent Greens will tackle all these problems head on.

Kent Greens will significantly reduce accidents and pollution on residential streets by introducing 20mph limits where people live, just as other councils up and down the country have. We will invest in public transport, broadband in rural areas, cycle lanes and better pavements to make it possible to leave the car at home more often.

Kent Greens will tackle the growing levels of unemployment, poverty and the cost of fuel. By investing in insulating homes and providing local renewable energy we will create jobs and reduce fuel bills. By investing in public transport we will create jobs and reduce the cost of travel. And by paying Kent County Council staff a living wage while curtailing the salaries of the highest paid staff we will bring 1000 people out of poverty and set an example for all other employers in Kent.

And of course you can rely on us to protect the environment directly, whether it is preventing the destruction of ancient woodland, ensuring that new homes are affordable and built in towns rather than on farms, tackling air pollution or making sure that Kent returns to its former status as the Garden of England.

We are the party that cares about people, where we live and how we live. We want a society that is fair and an economy that provides real jobs. We will make a real difference to Kent.

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